Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why The Agreement On Nuclear Development With Iran Is Wrong

The GOP criticism of the deal with Iran is not based upon the substance of the deal, which few of the critics are familiar with.  It is a bad deal because it was negotiated by the Obama Administration.  This article in the Washington Post describes the reflexive comments made by the foreign policy experts in the GOP like Michele Bachmann, and George Bush's former press secretary.  Its easy to be a foreign policy expert in the GOP.  I expect that we will be hearing about this from Sarah Pallin before long.  When she was running on the McCain ticket in the 2008 presidential campaign she was asked about her credentials in foreign policy during a TV interview.  She answered that she could see Russia from Alaska.  Most of GOP critics cannot see Russia from where they live but they know that any policy that is made by the Obama Administration must be a bad deal.  Foreign policy is really quite easy to understand.  Some of these foreign policy experts compare the Iran deal with the deal made with Hitler in Munich prior to WW ll.  That would really get their Tea Party supporters fired up if they knew their history.  Its always a mistake to use diplomacy to avoid war.

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