Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paul Ryan Wants To Be Our Poverty Warrior

The Washington Post still loves Paul Ryan.  He has gotten nowhere in his efforts to reshape the US budget, so he has decided to lead the GOP attack on poverty.  The Post gives 4 pages to this article about Paul Ryan and his way of thinking about reducing poverty.  It does not describe some of the specifics in his plan.  The basic idea is that Lyndon Johnson's "war on poverty" is the problem.  Poor people who are on food stamps stop dreaming about how to be successful.  Government needs to end government programs which provide an incentive to remain dependent upon government.  Paul Ryan will shift the focus to helping the poor to accept responsibility and to become advocates for limited government.  He wants to shift the burden of dealing with poverty from the government to the individual.  The government would end many of its poverty programs and fund self-help programs for the poor who need to accept their responsibility for being in poverty.

This article provides more detail about Ryan's "War on Poverty" and it is not short on criticism. 

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