Monday, December 16, 2013

Inequality And The Left

Simon Wren-Lewis is concerned about rising inequality in the UK.  Politicians on the left are more likely to be concerned about inequality than those on the right, but they learned that it is easier to win national elections by moving to the center which right wing politicians have abandoned in recent years.  Moreover, many of the policies advocated by the left would not resonate with many voters.  Unionization, for example, and higher minimum wages would not attract a lot centrist voters. It is more difficult to make a compelling case for greater equality than it is for decreasing unemployment.  Politicians on the right won the last election by convincing the electorate that budget deficits are bigger problem than high unemployment.  They even sold the public on the idea that deficit reduction was the best way to increase employment.  Perhaps the real problem for the left is that they do not control the media which are the primary means by which public opinion is created.  Lewis does not address that problem but it is a major problem in most countries. 

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