Monday, December 30, 2013

Meet The Inner David Brooks

I have posted several articles by David Brooks in order to critique way that he frames his arguments to make conservative ideas seem palatable, or to discredit the intentions of liberals.  This article, written by a political scientist who teaches at Yale, goes much further in his analysis of David Brooks.  He describes a NYT op-ed written by David Brooks as a self parody of the mid-aged David Brooks as a "Thought Leader".  Brooks' criticism of liberal minded Thought Leaders is interpreted as a criticism of his own life, in which he has been successful as a Thought Leader, but has not satisfied the idealized visions that he had of himself as a young conservative whose hero was Edmund Burke. 

I found the article, which contains a selected review of many articles written by Brooks during his career, very interesting, and a much deeper description of his motivations, than one can discern by focusing attention on separate op-eds written by Brooks.

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