Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Battle Between Progessives And Centrists Within The Democratic Party

A lot has been written about the battle between moderates and the more radical Tea Party element withing the GOP.  This article is about the reaction by centrists within the Democratic Party to populist policies advocated by the more progressive wing of the Party.  The WSJ published the reaction by a centrist group known as the Third Way that attacked the populist policies of two leading progressives within the Democratic Party.  The progressives within the Democratic Party reacted strongly and the centrists have been put on the defensive.  This might signal that the Democratic Party is becoming more progressive.  In any case, this may signal a debate within the Party about Hillary Clinton's candidacy for the 2016 presidential nomination. Bill Clinton won two elections by taking a centrist position and some believe that his wife would adopt a similar strategy.  Populism is on the upsurge in the US.  It may be a mistake to leave populism in the hands of the Tea Party which has taken a more right wing approach to populism.  A progressive form of populism has been absent within the Democratic Party for too long. 

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