Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Profile Of The Economics Professor Who Upset Eric Cantor

Dave Brat is the Chairman of the Economics and Business Departments at a small college in Virginia.  He also teaches a course on divinity.  He differs from most economists by blending economics with his brand of ethics.  He believes that economics has been corrupted by a utilitarian ethic which holds that the object of the market economy is to maximize utility for the largest number of people.  He is free market fundamentalist with an unusual twist.  He believes that markets work best when they are operated by good people.  He defines a good person as a Protestant Christian.  In other words, the best of all possible worlds is a world comprised of Adam Smith and people like himself.  That is, a unique blend of market fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism.  Brat is a true believer whose faith is consistent with that of many true believers in the Tea Party.  He will be a force to be reckoned within the Tea Party wing of the GOP dominant House of Representatives.  The 7th District in Virginia elected the perfect person to represent them in government.  They believe what he believes. 

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