Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Heritage Foundation Revival Meeting On The Benghazi Attack

The GOP, in general, and the Heritage Foundation in particular, continue use the tragedy at Benghazi in an effort to discredit Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Dana Milbank reports on the recent Heritage gathering of Benghazi critics who used the event to determine who was the craziest among them all.  The attendees ignored a discussion of the available facts.  The meeting quickly turned into crazy diatribes about the Obama Administration's complicity in the terrorist attack.  It also led to an outpouring of animosity against all Muslims.  The attendees quickly attacked a Muslim woman who pointed out that there are millions of peaceful Muslims in America, and over one billion Muslims in the world.  She argued that we should not be engaged in a war on Muslims.  That was not what the attendees wanted to hear.  She was told than it took only 19 Muslims to attack the US on 9/11.  That makes all Muslims suspect of engaging in a war against American ideals.  The logic of that response is mind boggling.  It reminds me of a comment made by a US general during the Vietnam War.  He claimed that it was necessary to destroy the nation in order to save it.

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