Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jeff Sachs Tells Us Why He Likes The New EPA Regulations

Jeff Sachs argues that the EPA and the White House has done its homework.  He describes the EPA's strategy which lets states and regions determine the best path to meeting the carbon reduction goals that have been set.  He also believes that the rest of the world will respond to the leadership that the US is taking to reduce carbon emissions.  That will have an effect on the Paris negotiations at the end of the year.  In previous negotiations the US has been viewed as a reluctant participant in setting international carbon reduction targets.

Sachs is no fool.  He understands the energy industry will do whatever it can to prevent the EPA from enforcing the targets that it has set.  The EPA will generate a lot of revenue for the lawyers and propagandists that the energy companies will employ on their behalf.  The US Chamber Of Commerce has already started its propaganda campaign on their behalf.  Sachs believes that the days of climate change denial are numbered.  Moreover, Sachs does not mention the way that the White House has framed the EPA strategy, but it may be more effective than previous than past efforts to frame the issues.  The president is telling the public that reducing carbon emissions will have immediate public health benefits.  Air pollution from coal burning electric utilities is a public health hazard today. 

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