Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jeb Bush Claims That US Ranks 46th In World On Ease Of Starting A Business

Jeb Bush was given a platform by the Wall Street Journal to blame Obama for over regulating business.  One of his claims is that Obama has made it hard to start up a business in the US.  He used data from the World Bank to support his claim.  Kevin Drum did some fact checking and found that the World Bank data cited by Jeb refers to the time it takes to register a business in New York City.  It has nothing to do with Obama or the national government.  The other facts that he cites also refer to local and state regulations.  The US ranks 6th on the World Bank scale at a national level. 

Bush was a state governor in Florida.  He must be familiar with the state and local regulations to which he referred.  His friends at the WSJ provided him with a platform to mislead the public and bolster his position among other GOP hopefuls who make similar promises about easing regulations on business.   Some of the regulations that he would eliminate are at the national level and they primarily benefit multinational corporations.  Bush offers little that make it easier to start a new business.

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