Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Party Of Hatred Visits Washington

Ted Cruz and The Donald entertained the far right segment of the GOP at a rally opposing the Iran deal.  They fed them the meat that they enjoy eating.  They oppose the GOP leadership for not stopping the Iran deal and they oppose but they particularly hate Obama.  They were provided with a punch bag in the president's image to vent some of their hatred.  The crowd included Zionists and Christian groups who fear the spread of Islam in America.  To them all Muslims are terrorists and a threat to our Christian nation.  The Likud Party in Israel and conservative Christian groups have joined together to create a unique blend of conservatism in the US.  It has distorted the normal operation of government by limiting the power of the GOP leadership to reach any agreements with the Obama Administration.  Ted Cruz capitalized on the ability of The Donald to attract a crowd and The Donald sounded much like football coach who wanted to take over a losing team.  He claimed that we would stop losing and win more battles than they might imagine under his leadership. He did not need to be specific about battles that were lost or those that we might win. He left that to the imagination of crowd.

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