Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tom Friedman Raises Concerns About The Politics Of Hate

Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been doing what politicians in Israel did prior to the assassination of its prime minister.  The head of the Likud Party took advantage of the fears in his nation to destabilize the Labor Government.  In doing so he also damaged democracy.

Friedman blames Trump and Carson for crossing a civilized red line but he misses his target.  Trump and Carson are leading in the polls because they are appealing to fears that exist in the GOP base.  An entire industry has been created and funded by wealthy extremists to develop the fear, hatred and anger that characterizes a large segment of the GOP base.  In Europe new parties have have been created to lead a similar base of the disaffected.  The two party system in the US is different from the parliamentary system in Europe.  The Republican Party may regret its efforts to win elections by appealing to the worse elements in America today.  It has a majority in the House of Representatives but divisions within the Party have turned the Party into an unreliable partner in governing our great nation. 

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