Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pope Francis Will Adress US Congress

John Boehner, the Chairman of the GOP majority in the House, has wanted a Pope to speak to the Congress for 20 years.  He has finally got his wish.  Pope Francis will address Congress but he may not tell Republicans what they want to hear.  Some of his public comments about capitalism seem to be very radical, and they will not set well with Republicans.  This article connects the Pope's comments on capitalism to a wider body of Church doctrine on the economy.  Its basic message is that firms should benefit society as well as themselves.  The Pope argues that they have served their own purpose better than their social purpose.  The rapid rise in inequality, which few deny, speaks for itself.  The economy operates in a framework of rules established by governments.  Many believe that those rules have been modified by government over the last 40 years in ways that have fostered greater inequality.  Republicans have sponsored most of the rule changes, and they continue to campaign on changing the rules in ways that would increase inequality even further.

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