Friday, December 11, 2015

GOP Prepares For Brokered Convention To Select Presidential Candidate

Its likely that no candidate will have enough votesto win the GOP presidential nomination on the first ballot.  After the first ballot the rules can be changed for selecting the nominee.  The new rules will determine the process by which the candidate will be selected.  If Donald Trump continues to win delegates in state primaries, which have their own delegate selection process, he will be part of the brokering process, but he will not be a party favorite.  If Trump is unable to survive the brokering process he will become a dangerous wild card.  He could run as an independent and that would be disastrous for the GOP in a national election.  He would split the vote among Republicans, and hand the election over to Hillary Clinton.  GOP leaders will have to handle the convention very carefully if they plan to eliminate The Donald at a brokered convention.

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