Thursday, December 3, 2015

What The Donald Has Taught Republicans

Most GOP leaders thought that Donald Trump would fade as quickly as Ben Carson.  They have been promoting Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as the best candidate in 2016.  The Donald has not faded.  He continues to lead the polls in primary states and the national polls.  The Washington Post published a leaked memo, written by a top GOP strategist, which instructs senate candidates on how to respond to Trump's success.  The memo suggests that senate candidates should copy some of Trump's successful messages and  his use of the social media to deliver his messages.  The senate candidates are concerned about the possibility of Trump winning the nomination.  They worry about how Trump's position at the top of the ticket might affect their prospects in the 2016 election cycle.  The memo instructs them on how to deal with some of Trump's messages that might damage their campaigns.

The bottom line from the memo is that the electorate does not trust politicians.  Trump's success is partially attributed to his successful career outside of politics.  The electorate believes that most politicians have been captured by special interests who fund political campaigns.  They like Trump because they believe that his campaign is self funded.  Trump has been an effective demagogue.  He attacks many of the targets that are disliked by the GOP's populist base.  He does this with more vigor than many of the other candidates.

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