Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump's Lead Is Growing In Recent GOP Poll

The terrorist attacks in Paris and California have strengthened Trump's lead in the GOP primary contest.  Despite the backlash over his statements about how to deal with terrorism,  a solid majority of the GOP thinks that he is the best candidate for dealing with terrorism.  Support for Ben Carson has dropped substantially following comments which indicate that he knows little about foreign policy.  Ted Cruz, who has picked up votes from evangelists who had supported Carson.

It is still early to make accurate predictions about how voters will feel next month in many of the primary elections.  However, Trump would lose to Clinton by a wide margin if a national election were held today. 

All of the GOP candidates are trying to convince the GOP base that they would be effective in changing government if they were elected.  Trump is also winning that contest.  Right wing populists in the US and elsewhere are growing in number in response to economic issues and perceived threats from immigration and terrorists.  We seem to repeating much of the experience that we had in the 1930's.  Its hard to know how this will turn out.  

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