Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Republican's Respond To Obama's Speech About US Terrorism

President Obama attempted to assure the public that he understood the threat from terrorists and that the government was prepared to respond to the threat.  The responses that his speech got from Republican candidates were as predictable as they were unfortunate.  The candidates took this opportunity to engage in a chest pounding contest.  Their response to the "Wicked Witch" was to look into the mirror and ask the mirror who was the toughest of them all.  Their response to terrorism is to growl at the terrorists and to elevate the level of fear in the US.  They did little to demonstrate an understanding of the problem.  In fact, they have played right into the hands of terrorists who recruit jihadists by telling them that the West is engaged in war against Islam.  As usual Donald Trump pounded his chest the loudest.  He told a cheering crowd that we should ban Muslims from entering the country.

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