Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Koch Brothers Campaign To Convince The Poor That Social Welfare Programs Keep Them Poor

This article describes the programs funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers whose father was a leader in the John Birch society that crashed and burned a few decades ago.  The John Birch Society saw communists everywhere; they even believed that a popular Republican President was a communist.  They no longer fear communism.  They want to convince the poor that they have empathy for their problems and that social welfare program keep them from taking initiatives that would enable them to become rich.  Democratic socialism is new form of imprisonment that impairs the liberty of the poor.

The Koch Brothers also preach the virtues of the free enterprise system.  They claim that government subsidies, like those that were used to rescue failed banks, are the enemy of the free enterprise system.  Their real enemy is government regulations designed to reduce carbon emissions.  That is a real threat to the mining industries that they own.  The want the freedom to pollute the environment and make the planet unsafe for future generations.

One of the big problems with their program is that all of the GOP candidates, who echo their claims about free enterprise, have proposed major tax cuts for the rich and cuts to social welfare programs that protect millions of Americans.  It may be hard for them to overcome reality when these things become clear during elections.

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