Tuesday, February 9, 2016

David Brooks Explains Why He Will Miss President Obama

David Brooks is Mr. Republican, so this op-ed about President Obama's character must have been difficult for him to write.  He has been underwhelmed by the candidates competing for their party's presidential nomination.  They lack what President Obama has displayed over the last eight years.  It starts with integrity that is coupled with humility.  There have been no scandals in his administration because he has been thoughtful about whom he has appointed to key jobs.  His intelligence and thoughtfulness is also evident in the policies that he advocated.  He was able to pass an important healthcare bill because it extended healthcare benefits to many citizens without totally disrupting the existing healthcare system.  Bernie Sanders' healthcare proposal is too radical and disruptive.  He might also mentioned the silly attacks on his healthcare plan that have become part of the Republican catechism.  Brooks' favorite party has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act over 60 times.  They did this with the knowledge that it would not withstand a presidential veto, and that it would be terribly disruptive to families and to the entire healthcare system.  Its no wonder that Brooks will miss the intelligence and integrity that he finds in President Obama.  It is in scarce supply in the Republican Party.

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