Monday, February 22, 2016

The Republican Establishment Has Selected Marco Rubio For President

The GOP primary elections were very bad for the establishment's favorite going into the elections.  Jeb Bush finally decided to withdraw from the primary campaign.  The GOP establishment has no choice but to throw its support to the empty suit with a young and pretty face who may have the ability to attract Spanish speaking voters.  Donald Trump could still win the nomination but the GOP establishment has thrown all of its support in the direction of an empty suit who has done nothing during his brief political career to establish presidential credentials.  Jeb Bush, who helped him to rise through the political ranks in Florida, must be astonished that Rubio has inherited his position as the GOP establishment's new favorite.

 Paul Krugman has taken a look at Rubio's economic policies, which have the stamp of the Republican elite all over them,  and they are not surprising.  They are even worse than George Bush's policies.  Few of the Republican voters, who will determine the GOP candidate, are aware of Rubio's economic policies.  They have been rarely discussed during the GOP debates.  Moreover, it is hard to distinguish Rubio's policies from the other candidates who all favor cutting taxes for the rich and increasing federal budget deficits.  The resulting deficits provide the excuse for cutting federal spending on Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare programs.  Rubio and the other GOP candidates know little about these policies themselves.  They have all been developed by economists who work for think tanks funded by GOP billionaires.  Consequently, the contest is all about personalities and other extraneous factors.  Republicans will have to choose between an empty suit and an entertainer with an expensive hair cut.

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