Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Sky May Not Be Falling In The US

If you think that a lot of strange sounds are coming out of the US primary campaigns,  the sounds seem even stranger to a German journalist.  There are a lot of differences between the consensus building parliamentary system in Germany, and the US winner take all system, but the strangest sounds of all are coming from Republicans who claim that the sky is falling.  The rest of the world does not believe that story.  The US is still regarded as the nation with the most powerful military that offers protection to Germany and the rest of the world.  One is forced to give credit to the right wing media in the US.  It has convinced information poor Americans that the sky has been falling for eight years under Democratic leadership.  Our military is no longer powerful, and our economy, which has recovered better from the recession than economies in the rest of the world, is a disaster.  That has spawned numerous "Chicken Little's" who are running for the GOP presidential nomination; they claim that they can rebuild America by cutting taxes and government regulations.  Indeed, we live in an imaginary world that seems quite different to those who have not been subject to right wing propaganda.

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