Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Republcan Senate Refuses To Consider Any Obama Nominee For "Supreme" Court

The president has a constitutional right to nominate a candidate for the open position due to the death of Scalia.  Ordinarily, the Senate would go through the process of evaluating the candidate.  The Republican Senate,  and the Republican House of Representatives no longer recognizes the legitimacy of the president that was elected in 2012.  The Senate refuses to even consider a candidate for the vacant position.  The Republican House will not even meet with White House officials to consider the budget submitted by the Obama Administration.  This is not the typical kind of competition between two political parties that is expected in a democracy.  It reflects a total breakdown of the system of checks and balances in our system of governance.  The Republican Party is broken.  It is a revolutionary party that refuses to cooperate with a political party that does not support its revolution.  It attempted to impeach President Clinton and it has obstructed the Obama Administration during his entire presidency.  The Supreme Court has become part of its revolution.  It was supposed to be an apolitical referee of our judicial system, and it was our most respected political institution for most of its history.  That is no longer true.  Popular support for the "Supreme" Court has declined dramatically.  It is approaching the abysmal decline in popular support for our obstructionist Congress.

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