Monday, October 24, 2016

Donald Trump's Political Party Will Survive The Election

Paul Krugman understands that Trump will probably lose the presidential election but he argues that Trump's political party will still be in business.  Trump put an ugly face on the Republican Party but his base is the core of the GOP.  Many Republicans will reject that conclusion but they will have a hard time explaining why Trump soundly defeated Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the rest of the pack in the Republican primaries.  Secondly, few of the Republican candidates running for the House or the Senate have denounced Donald Trump.  Some of them claim that they must support Trump because he is running as a Republican.  The real reason is that they can't afford to lose the support of Republicans who support Donald Trump.  There is no Republican Party without the Trump base.  They have had a coming out party during Trump's campaigns. There aren't enough country club Republicans to win elections.  A recent poll of Republicans found that they like Donald Trump more that Paul Ryan who continues to promote the country club fiscal policies that have defined the GOP since Ronald Reagan. 

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