Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wither Thou Goest Donald Trump?

There has been a lot of speculation about Trump's future after he loses the election.  One possibility is that Trump remains politically active by taking over the Republican Party.  Breitbart News would play a key role in such an effort.  Breitbart's CEO Stephen Bannon is also the head of the Trump campaign.  Bannon has been waging war with Paul Ryan who is the Republican Party's highest ranked elected official.  He accuses Ryan of being more supportive of Hillary Clinton than he has been about Donald Trump's candidacy.  His intent is to undermine Ryan's support from far right conservatives in the House of Representatives.  Replacing Ryan with a member of the "Freedom Party" wing of the Republican House might be step in that direction.  Sean Hannity, who has a big following among Fox News adherents,  has also been attacking Ryan.  A coalition of far right news media could play a central role in driving a wedge between the Republican Party leadership and Republicans who might consider Trump as their leader.  In any case, Bannon and Trump will pursue a variety of schemes to leverage millions of Trump supporters to their advantage after the failed election.

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