Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why The Republican Party Will Continue To Produce Donald Trumps

This article in the Washington Post explains how Donald Trump won the GOP primaries and why the Republican Party will continue to produce Donald Trumps.  It describes the extent of misinformation in Donald Trump's base of supporters and it argues that the Republican Party did nothing to discourage the far right media outlets that produced the Trump base.  It helped them to win elections and to delegitimize Democratic leaders, including President Obama, but it paved the way for a candidate like Donald Trump to assume the leadership of the Party.  It will continue to face new Donald Trumps unless "it drains the swamp" of the far right media that misinforms its base.  The Republican propaganda machine has become its worse enemy.  It has also contributed to the dysfunction of our government.  It has demonized moderate Republicans along with liberal Democrats.  The Republican House of Representatives is engaged in a civil war between its own membership and it spends much of its time "investigating" its political opponents in and out of government.

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