Thursday, October 13, 2016

What Is Left Of The Republican Party After Trump?

The Republican Party once provided a home for ordinary Americans who had a conservative bent of mind.  This article describes how the rise of Donald Trump has exposed the GOP game plan.  Its economic policies always benefited its wealthy clients but it needed votes from working class Americans to win election.  The seeds that it planted among less favored citizens have grown into a Frankenstein Monster that has been captured by Donald Trump who has made the monster visible to the GOP's more moderate base.  It is now a two headed monster that risks losing the Trump base in order to retain its moderate conservative base.  College Republican clubs have rejected Donald Trump's candidacy.  Students at Liberty University have criticized its president who defended Donald Trump.  They wrote that Donald Trump is the worst candidate in the history of the US.  Liberty University is an evangelical Christian school that ordinarily supports Republican candidates.  The GOP may lose its base of support among better educated young conservatives.

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