Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump's True Believers Have Not Given Up

Trump supporters at a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania are undeterred by recent disclosures that have led many Republicans to abandon his candidacy.  They are not atypical.  He sold them a bill of goods and they believe the excuses from Trump and from the media that they choose to consume.  They live in an information cocoon that is loaded with conspiracy theories which includes the belief that our major new sources are biased.  This started with Fox News, which portrayed the mainstream media as biased and fed them what they want to hear.  Fox News is now only a part of far right "news" industry that shares a common objective of misinforming the public.  Our political system will have to live with this "news" industry and the political polarization that it has helped to create.  Our political system has become less trustworthy and its not easy to determine how this will play out for the Republican Party.  A large share of the Republican base has been captured by Trump and his supporters in the far right media.  Its not certain that they will remain loyal Republicans unless the Republican Party becomes more like the Trump segment of its base.

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