Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How Trump Will Crush Republicans Who Don't Join His Team

Wishful thinkers hope that real Republicans will not be pushed around by Trump as he pushes his agenda through Congress.  The Donald will not tolerate Republicans who do not fall in line with his agenda. He intends to run the US much he runs Trump Enterprises, and much like Putin runs Russia.  This article describes some of the tools at his disposal.  His first line of defense is the large number of people who voted for him and are emotionally attached to him.  He will maintain contact with his base through alt right news organization like Breitbart News and the social media. Fox News has already moved further to the right to support his agenda and to attack his critics.  He will also continue to criticize the mainstream media in order to bring them in line with his agenda.  He will also find ways to use the powers of the executive branch under his control to harass unfriendly media outlets.  In short, The Donald has no interest in maintaining a strong democracy.  It is not in his nature and he is not afraid of using power to get his way.  He soon will have the power of the federal government  under his control.  Republicans who want to keep their jobs will fall in line with The Donald's agenda.

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