Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why Democrats Need To Use A Gun

The Republican Party has been using a gun in their political warfare while Democrats have been using a knife.  The Democrats send their enemy to the hospital while the Republican victim goes to the morgue.  This article describes how the Republicans are violating the informal rules that once determined how the political game has been played so that the national interest was placed ahead of political party interests.  It contrasts the way that President Obama has observed the informal rules during and after the last election with the way that Republicans have been behaving.

President Obama decided not to use his office to politicize the election when he learned that Donald Trump's campaign was being assisted by Russian hacks.  The Republican Governor of North Carolina lost his election to a Democrat and he immediately questioned the results of the election.  The Republican lost despite changing voting laws that made it more difficult for minorities to vote in the election.  The state legislature then voted to reduce the powers of the newly elected Democratic Governor so that he less power to select to his own cabinet.

That has been happening at the national level as well.  The Republican Senate majority leader stated that his goal was to prevent the newly elected President Obama from winning a second term in office.  He used the filibuster to prevent the president from implementing the agenda that enabled him to win the election.  He also refused to consider President Obama's Supreme Court nomination that Obama submitted in the last year of his term.

Now that we have elected a demagouge to the presidency, and provided him with a majority in the House and the Senate,  Democrats will have to decide whether they will continue to play the political game with knife while Trump's takeover of the Republican Party arms it with assault rifles. They will not get any help from their Republican colleagues .

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