Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump Picks Global Warming Denier To Head Energy Department

Texas and Oklahoma are two states that rely heavily on the fossil fuel industry.  Donald Trump previously announced a candidate from Oklahoma to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  Trump's candidate is a climate change denier and has joined with Attorney Generals from other states to the sue the agency that he will head.  Trump selected a former governor from Texas to head the Energy Department.  Rick Perry is also a climate change denier.  When he campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination he stated that he wanted to close the Energy Department along with two other federal departments but he could not remember the name of the Energy Department in front of the  microphone.  Trump also nominated a candidate for Secretary of State who is the CEO of Exxon which is based in Texas.  Trump, who is also a climate change denier,  is doing what he can to protect the interests of the fossil fuel industry and the great states of Texas and Oklahoma.  Trump will also sabotage the Paris Agreement which will reduce the global demand for fossil fuels.  That will also make Russia happy.  Like Texas and Oklahoma, Russia's economy is heavily dependent on its fossil fuel industry that provides much of its tax revenue. It won't be long before Putin is invited to the Cotton Bowl football game between Texas and Oklahoma.

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