Saturday, December 24, 2016

One Of America's Top Conservative Journalists Is Critical Of Trump's AG Nominee

Jeff Sessions is a senator from Alabama who was an early supporter of Donald Trump during the GOP primaries.  He was rewarded by Trump with his nomination to head the US Justice Department.  George Will's conservative column in the Washington Post is syndicated in many small town newspapers in the US.  He describes one his reasons for opposing Trump's nominee for Attorney General.  Sessions served many years as a senator and has a lot of Republican friends in the Senate. However,  Sessions will face many other criticisms when his nomination is reviewed by the Senate.  It won't help him to have one of America's most influential conservatives against him.  This is only one of many battles that Trump will face against committed conservatives in his efforts to reshape the Republican Party.  Trump is more interested in accumulating power than he is in conservative ideology.

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