Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Medicare Is Not Going Bankrupt

Paul Ryan is the Republican Party's federal budget guru.  He has made a career out scaring the public about Medicare's finances.  This article provides valuable information about how Medicare is structured and how each of its entities in financed.  Its important that citizens understand so that they do not succumb to scare mongering by politicians like Paul Ryan who exaggerates its financial problems.  Ryan's attack on Medicare is consistent with his political ideology.  He has a low regard for government in general.  Less government is his goal.  One way to get less government is to cut federal taxes so that government has less money to fund government programs.  Tax cuts, primarily for those in high income brackets, is a key ingredient in his budget proposals.  The tax cuts set up the dynamic for defunding entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security.  According to Ryan we cannot afford these programs without running larger budget deficits.  Ryan is unwilling to abandon the tax cuts or to make modest increases in funding for Medicare and Social Security.

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