Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Hoover Institute Confirms GOP Claims That Democratic Policies Are Responsible For Weak Economy

Krugman picks up on the reporting at the Hoover Institute on a recent conference that included a number of economists. Most of the economists were selected for their conservative viewpoint but some of the economists had a more liberal perspective. The summary of the remarks made by the economist in charge of the conference (a prominent economist) were inconsistent with remarks made by the less conservative economists. Krugman claims that he can't understand how they can get away with this since other economists will read the presentations. I doubt that this concerns the Hoover Institute. It is another conservative think tank whose major function is propaganda. Its audience is not primarily other economists, it is the general public which will be fed this information by the usual suspects in the media.

Everyone should know the major conservative think tanks that are engaged in right wing propaganda disguised as academic research. In addition to the Hoover Institute, the other major players are The Heritage Foundation, The American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute. There are many other smaller organizations with a similar role but there are too many to list here.

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