Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mitt Romney Spins Defense of the Middle Class Into Socialism

Mitt Romney responded to Obama's populist speech in Kansas. As expected, the president is described as a socialist for daring to discuss income inequality. Obama made a good effort to craft bipartisan solutions to our economic and social problems. The silence from the GOP was deafening. He might as well run as a traditional Democrat.

Romney's response to the president's speech was in line with the picture of him that the right wing has painted since he took office. He is not really an American. Portraying him as a socialist, despite his glowing description of the benefits derived from capitalism, is just one piece of the portrait. What's really puzzling about this article is the effort made to determine whether Romney is really as stupid as his response to the speech implies. Romney is not stupid. He has decided to base his campaign against Obama on the framework that has been put in place since the president's election to office. This also helps him with the GOP base that will determine whether he should be the GOP nominee. He certainly cannot win the nomination without showing the base that he has a clear picture of the president that is consistent with what they want to believe. One of the problems that all of the GOP candidates have is that they must act as stupid as their base in order to win the nomination. It is pointless to ask whether they are really as stupid as they appear. How could it be otherwise?

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