Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Point By Point Critque Of Romney's Claims About Obama And How He Will Restore Growth

Mitt Romney has a high powered economic team that included Mankiw from Harvard, Hubbard from Columbia,  and Taylor from Stanford.  Brad DeLong did a great job of refuting each of their claims about the failures in the Obama administration, and he also exposed the weaknesses in the Romney plan (more specifically the lack of a real plan).  Its discouraging see to economists from prominent universities engaging in this kind of hack work.  They are smart enough to know what they are doing and they chose to sacrifice their integrity for personal gain. 

This is a must read article for those who want to understand overall picture of the Republican attack on Obama's economic policies.  It is also another good expose of Romney's non-plan.  He is going to fix the economy by cutting taxes and deregulating business just as it was done by George Bush.

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