Friday, August 31, 2012

David Brooks Faults The Hyperindividualism In GOP Platform

David Brooks believes that the GOP is the party of dynamism and change and it deserves our vote, but he wishes that it had more respect for social institutions.  Usually he starts his op-eds with warm up material, and he ends with the conclusion that he wants readers to remember.  The salient paragraph in his op-ed comes earlier in the article and is quoted below:

"On the one hand, you see the Republicans taking the initiative, offering rejuvenating reform. On the other hand, you see an exhausted Democratic Party, which says: We don’t have an agenda, but we really don’t like theirs. Given these options, the choice is pretty clear."

The rejuvenating reforms proposed by the GOP are not new.  There are the same ideas that they have been selling since Ronald Reagan.  President Obama passed a healthcare bill that does a better job of curtailing healthcare price inflation than anything offered by Romney/Ryan.  It has also shown more respect for social institutions, and their contribution to individual and national success than the GOP.  Moreover, they spent more time criticizing the President's policies than they did on providing the details behind their "rejuvenating reforms" which are primarily empty slogans from the past.

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