Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tom Friedman Asks Why Romney Did Not Hold His Fund Raiser In Vegas Instead of Israel

Romney did not go to Israel to learn more about foreign policy in the Mid East.  Tom Friedman calls it for what it was.  It was part of Romney's effort to raise funds from Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vagas billionaire, and his right wing supporters of the Likud government.  For some reason, many US evangelicals are also aligned with the policies of the Likud government. Romney included some of them on his trip. They don't have much money but they get out the vote.

Friedman is not only critical of Romney.  He doesn't like politicians using Israel as wedge in US politics.  The GOP is primarily guilty of that.  They have attempted to portray Obama as an Anti-Israel President.  His policies, like those of several Democratic governments,  have been supportive of Israel,  but they have also been shaped to facilitate the peace process in the Mid-East. Romney and Likud leaders are only interested in a peace that is defined by them.

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