Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dana Milbank's Daughter Is Learning To Operate Like Romney

Dana Milbank will have difficulty getting inside scoops from Romney insiders if the GOP wins in 2012.  His young daughter plays a business game on her mobile devise that is devoid of ethics.  You win by being ruthless and efficient.  Milbank describes a deal that Bain Capital did in Italy that earned Romney about $100 million.  He did not pay taxes on his profits in Italy.  The profits were somehow arranged to be taken by Bain subsidiaries in Luxembourg.  Some of Romney's other efforts to avoid taxes are described in the article.  Everything he does is within the law.  Folks like Romney have figured out how to arrange the rules so that they can be broken by those who made the rules.   Romney seems like the perfect choice for the presidency.  He does not let ethics get in the way of efficiency or success at any price. The US Chamber of Commerce, which is a Republican PAC, will love him.

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