Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican's Are Tough Enough To Lead Democrat's Are Too Weak To Lead

This editorial in the Washington Post criticizes Paul Ryan's speech for being long on false criticisms of Obama, but short on details about how the GOP will lead the nation.  It concludes by challenging Romney to provide the missing details.  Romney, of course, has been worse than Ryan in providing details for good reason.  He wants to be portrayed as a tough leader who willing to make tough choices that he is unwilling to reveal.  He has been set up for his acceptance speech by Christie's keynote speech, and by Paul Ryan's speech.  They both argued that Republican's are capable of telling the truth about our fiscal problems and making the tough choices that are necessary.  They have framed the choice that American's must make in November as choice between a strong leader and a weak leader.  They prefer to run against Obama's failure to lead than about the details of fiscal policy.  We can expect Romney to put on his Captain America outfit for his acceptance speech.  His speech will be short on details and long on his experience as a leader.

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