Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Big Lie About Medicare

The Romney campaign has released new ads which claim that Obama will cut Medicare by $716 billion that will be used to enroll more "undeserving" Americans into Medicaid.  Romney and Ryan represent themselves as the saviors of Medicare.  The $716 billion represents the savings that the Affordable Care Act expects to realize from cuts to insurance companies and healthcare providers that are built into the law.  The Ryan plan, passed by the GOP House, repeals the ACA. There is nothing in Ryan's Medicare plan that will cut payments to insurance companies or healthcare providers.  His plan transfers the risk of healthcare price inflation to senior citizens.  He wants to save Medicare by radically changing the nature of the program.

This editorial does a good job of debunking the false advertising about ACA and Medicare that is paid for by anonymous contributors to GOP PAC's.  I can't understand why Democrats have not done a better job of explaining its major political achievement to the public.  They have defaulted the job to the GOP and its political allies.  The Medicare wrecking crew has been transformed into its savior.  That was an effective strategy in the 2010 election campaign, you can't blame them from giving it another attempt.

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