Thursday, January 9, 2014

Arizona Looks Better Than Ever

We picked a good time to visit with family in the Boston area during the holidays.  We landed at Logan during a blizzard and it took three hours to make the half hour trip from the airport to Cape Ann.  There were two feet of snow on the driveway on top of a sheet of ice when we arrived at our summer home.  We had to carry our bags up the driveway while slipping and falling on the way up the driveway.  It took three hours to clear the driveway the next morning.  The temperature dropped below zero for most of the time we were celebrating with the family.  Thankfully, there were plenty of refreshments available to take one's mind off of the weather.

Trying to get a plane out of Boston was also a lot of fun.  The cold weather caused many airports to close down or curtail services for several days.  Our trip back to Arizona went through Chicago which was even colder than Boston.  The airport was loaded with passengers who had been stuck in Chicago for several days due to the arctic air that decided to take a trip through Canada to the US.  In any case, we made it back to the Phoenix area and the palm trees never looked better.

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