Thursday, January 9, 2014

The GOP's War On The War On Poverty

Dana Milbank attended a meeting of GOP's House Caucus which outlined the GOP's version of how the war on poverty should be conducted.  It was primarily an attack on the programs initiated by Lyndon Johnson to mitigate the effects of poverty.  There were no new ideas presented by the Republicans on how it would conduct its war on poverty.  It included many of the tired ideas that the GOP has promoted for 50 years.  For example, privatizing the public education system by enabling parents to pay for their education with vouchers was on the list.  None of the ideas dealt with the central problem that requires government to enact programs that mitigate poverty.  There are not enough jobs available that provide incomes above the poverty level.

Reporters at the meeting raised several questions about the GOP's approach to the war on poverty.  Its difficult to interpret the answers that were provided to the reporters.  Either they believe that the reporters or the public are stupid, or they really believe what they said because they are stupid.  Take your pick.  My guess is that they are not stupid, but they believe that their base needs another dose of bromides which will send them to the polls in November.

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