Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kansas May Provide The Model For Third World Education In The US

The Kansas State Constitution, like that of most other states,  requires the state to provide a suitable education that is consistent with the requirement for democratic participation by its citizens.  The GOP Legislature in Kansas passed a $1.1 billion tax cut that mostly benefited those with high incomes.  It then cut state spending on public education to 16.5% below the level that existed in 2007.

A three judge court concluded that the cuts were destructive to the education of its children and did not meet the constitutional requirement for a suitable education.  The Legislature has appealed the decision to the State Supreme Court.  If it loses the appeal, it threatens to amend the constitutional requirement for a suitable education.

Other  Republican controlled states may resort to a similar tactic in response to lawsuits initiated by citizens who have objected to cuts in state funding for public education.  Apparently, it is more important to cut taxes for those with high incomes at the expense of funding for public education.  Republicans see no contradiction between a reduction in spending on public education and their claims to foster social mobility. 

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