Thursday, January 9, 2014

Justifying The Sale Of The Climate Company To Monsanto

Monsanto, which many regard as one of the "most evil companies in the world" just purchased the Climate Company for around $1 billion.  The founder and CEO of the Climate Company offered his explanation to his employees about the sale.  He argues that it is difficult for companies the achieve scale without being regarded as evil.  He had worked at google which extolled a value of not being evil.  As google achieved scale it has been accused of being evil for some of its policies.  The CEO suggests that the Climate Company will have an opportunity to influence Monsanto's mission in positive ways. 

The interesting thing about the sale of the Climate Company, however, is that Monsanto understands that climate change is going to impact its customers.  It wants to be in the business of helping its customers adapt to climate change.  This is not good news for climate change deniers.  Many large corporations understand the science behind climate change, and they see it as a problem that will require them to adapt climate change and that it may present new opportunities for them to expand into new markets. 

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