Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is High Unmemployment In Europe The Result of A Skill Mismatch?

This article provides some information that supports the idea that high unemployment in Europe is due to skill mismatch.  There are lots of jobs available that are not being filled because suitable candidates cannot be found. That is also supposed to be a big problem in the US.  We learn that PayPal had trouble finding candidates in Ireland that had foreign language skills and Fujitsu had to source PhD's outside of Ireland.  Its hard to imagine that the 12.5% unemployment rate in Ireland would be reduced very much by the availability of job candidates with foreign language skills and by more candidates with PhD's.  We are also told that almost one million jobs in information services and communications may go unfilled because schools are not turning out enough graduates with those skills.  High unemployment is due to problems in the education system according to this article.

There seems to be a well orchestrated effort to blame high unemployment on those who are looking for work but do not have the right skills.  Apparently, it has nothing to do with other factors that limit the number of new jobs being created in Europe and in the US.

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