Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Weak Regulations By The IRS And The FEC Enable The Super Rich To Subvert The Electoral System

We all know that much of the funding for political campaigns comes from political organizations that are disguised as welfare promoting organizations.  This article provides some detail on how two of the largest political organization enable individuals to contribute to political campaigns while claiming a charitable donation on their tax returns.  The the organizations to which they contribute millions do not have to reveal their identity.  They can buy elections anonymously.  The rules used by the IRS and FEC to regulate this system conflict with each other and they are so vague that they are difficult to enforce.  Each of these organizations has a legal staff that is expert at exploiting loopholes in the laws regulating the use of funds.  We have moved from a democracy in which one vote goes to each citizen to a democracy when one vote goes to each dollar.  We have allowed our democracy to be be subverted systematically by a minority that will only tolerate a democratic system that it can control.  The technocrats that operate this system for the super rich are paid well for their services.  I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror without disgust.

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