Monday, September 1, 2014

Sales Of Russian Made Weapon Surge In US Following Sanction Against Russia

Conservatives in the US, most of whom view Russia and Putin with scorn, have responded to President Obama's sanctions against Russia in a predicable way.  They have rushed to purchase the banned AK-47 assault weapon.  The National Rifle Association portrayed the ban as a liberal gun control plot.  The right wing Internet blogs followed the NRA's lead and warned their followers to buy them now while they are still available.  Many were purchased for resale by conservatives who took advantage of other conservatives who feared a shortage of the AK-47. Many were sold for hundreds of dollars over list price.  The fear of being without an assault rifle,  and the desire to overcome a liberal conspiracy against the use of assault rifles, was stronger than their dislike for Putin or for Russia, which is also inspired by conspiracy theories. 

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