Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Paleo Lifestyle In The US

This article describes one of the rapidly growing fads in the US.  It is based upon the assumption that our remote ancestors knew better than we do about what to eat and how to live.  We have added foods to our diet that are bad for us, and we have adopted a lifestyle that is foreign to our original nature.  It has become an industry in the US that goes beyond the Paleo diet.  It is also about Paleo parenting and other changes in our lifestyle that are consistent with a return to our "original nature".

Fads like this come and go in the US on regular basis.  We are always looking for solutions to our problems, and some form of a return to nature is always on the horizon.  Communities develop around these ideas and they provide a sense of community that is often missing in our lives.  In today's world of Facebook and other social media they spread more rapidly than they have in the past.  The Paleo lifestyle has become a small industry almost overnight.  It captures our entrepreneurial spirit.

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