Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Presbyterian Position Paper On Tax Justice

The Presbyterian Church in the US did an analysis of the US tax system and concluded that the direction that the tax system in the US has taken is inconsistent with Christian morality.  One may or may not agree with the position taken in this report.  Some may have a different view on Christian morality and others may object to its recommendations on tax policy.  In any case, the document provides an excellent analysis of the US tax code, and how it has become less progressive over the last few decades.  The charts and graphs included in this report debunk a lot of the myths about tax policy in the US.  The tax burden has shifted markedly away from corporations and the wealthy to ordinary wage earners.  Moreover, the total tax burden in the US is well below that of other OECD countries.  Some believe that cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy has stimulated economic growth in the US.  This report does not touch on that issue but there is no evidence to support that claim.

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