Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Economists Agree That It Is Superior To Other Social Sciences

Economists don't refer to other social sciences when the publish and with good reason.  They believe that they are a more scientific.  They may make that assumption because they can measure many of their concepts in dollars or other currencies.  Many regard this as a form of scientism.  That is, they use more numbers in their research, along with a lot of equations.  In other words, they have succeeded in copying the surface characteristics of the physical sciences.  They make assumptions about how people  make financial decisions without paying much attention to what psychologists have to say about human behavior;  they also make policy recommendations to politicians while ignoring what political scientists have to say about government.  A much larger number of economists today work in business or finance departments and they align themselves more closely to the orthodoxies in those professions than do economists in academic departments. 

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