Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Populism And Politics In US

We have right wing populists and left wing populists in the US.  It would appear that there are a lot of populists in America.  Since the populists on both sides of the political spectrum don't agree on much of anything, the concept of populism would appear to be an empty concept.  Apparently, it means that ordinary people at each end of the political spectrum don't trust our political leaders.  They both sense that our political leaders don't really care about them.  In this case, many Democrats are not happy with a free trade agreement that is being promoted by the Obama Administration.  The proposed trade agreement has not been made public, but they tend to promote the interests of multinational corporations.  Many Democrats believe that the NAFTA trade agreement sponsored by the Clinton Administration was not good for ordinary Americans.  The Republican Party supports the Obama trade agreement so that makes many democrats even more concerned about the proposed agreement.  This puts right wing populists in a difficult position.  They object to everything that is proposed by the Obama Administration.  It will be fun to see how they sell it to their Tea Party base.

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